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EMI/RFI Finishing

Electromagnetic interference (EMI) is electrical noise which creates a disturbance or undesired response in circuits, equipment, or systems. EMI is a generalization of an older term, radio-frequency interference (RFI). Many types of electrical circuits are susceptible to EMI/RFI and must be shielded to ensure proper performance.

Shielding is the use of materials to reduce radiated EMI/RFI by reflection and/or absorption. Shielding should be placed where it best causes an abrupt discontinuity in the path of electromagnetic waves. Shielding effectiveness and performance is a function of the properties and configuration of the shielding materials, the frequency and the distance from the source to the shield.

Conductive Applications

Mobile phone, medical equipment, laptop computers, test instruments, monitors, PDA’s, pagers, aerospace/avionics applications, network/satellite systems, military, weapon systems, display, industrial/auto control systems, antennas, security navigation systems, business equipment, consumer electronics, TV’s, cable boxes, receivers, entertainment systems.